Nirvana State Ambassador


The Nirvana State Ambassador (NSA) Position

The Nirvana State Ambassador (NSA) is an exciting new position created by the US National Coordinator to empower instructors who would like to take on a leadership role and represent NirvanaFitness® in their home state. The (NSA) position can also be utilized as a stepping stone to the Nirvana Education Specialist (NES) position. If you are interested in becoming a Nirvana State Ambassador, please read through the basic qualifying criteria and submit the form below:

Nirvana State Ambassador (NSA) candidates must be current active (NINs) NirvanaFitness® Instructors with 6 months teaching experience and must be able to demonstrate proficient knowledge of the NirvanaFitness® concepts. Including, but not limited to teaching classes precisely as they are formatted and properly demonstrating techniques used within the NirvanaFitness® program. Candidates must also represent NirvanaFitness® professionally and display pride and loyalty for the brand.

Nirvana State Ambassadors (NSA) are also expected to:
Help create demand for NirvanaFitness® in their home state
Promote marketing campaigns on social media.
Deliver master classes, “Breath Right Live Long Workshops and promotional events.
Actively seek out and make connections within the health, wellness & fitness industry
Work with the National Coordinator and/or nearby NES to host, market and fill instructor trainings in their home state.

The Nirvana State Ambassador must also meet the metrics outlined in their contract to maintain their positions. Although the Nirvana State Ambassador (NSA) position can be used as a stepping stone to the US NES position, being appointed to, or occupying the NSA position in no way guarantees a promotion to Nirvana Education Specialist.  Any exceptions to this criteria will be made at the discretion of the US National Coordinator.

For More Info, Please Contact:
Char Willingham
National Coordinator
NirvanaFitness® USA
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