Common FAQs
How is NirvanaFitness® different from yoga?
How is NirvanaFitness® different from pilates?
Isn’t NirvanaFitness® just a watered down version of yoga & pilates?
Why would I need to add NirvanaFitness® to my schedule, when I currently offer mind-body, or yoga/pilates fusion classes?

As a Nirvana Education Specialist (NES) who also happens to be a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher & Certified Pilates Instructor. I think these are all great questions and concerns and I find myself answering many of these questions with similar responses:

NirvanaFitness® has created its own unique genre known as “Breathing Fitness to Music” The sequences are drawn from and inspired by yoga & pilates stretching, strengthening, lengthening and toning exercises, but its primary focus is on ‘Breathing.”  The simple to follow movements utilized in NirvanaFitness® have been intentionally pre-selected and sequenced to tone and prepare the body for proper oxygenation, without the need for crazy flexibility, peak athleticism or triathlete levels of endurance.  The ultimate goal of NirvanaFitness® is to normalize and improve daily breathing patterns, which in turn helps to create the ideal healthy environment for renewal and regeneration. NirvanaFitness® also offers an “experience” unlike any other group fitness class, or mind body program!

NirvanaFitness® classes attract both yogis, and pilates practitioners, but it also appeals to a demographic of participants who might not ordinarily practice either modality, or similar mind-body, or fitness fusion classes. By adding NirvanaFitness® to your schedule, you are not only complimenting the classes that you’re currently offering, but you also have the potential of attracting an entirely different group of participants to your facility, or to your NirvanaFitness® classes.  I highly recommend trying NirvanaFitness® for yourself, because it is something that you truly must “experience” to appreciate its effectiveness and uniqueness!

Please contact me to host a master class, or NirvanaFitness® Instructor Training at your facility.